The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats (Two book set)


Zestaw wielkich mat do walki

Brak w magazynie

The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats are the third in Loke’s trilogy of fantasy modular map books. Following Towns & Taverns and the ENnie winning Dungeon, The Wilderness is a pair of modular map books that make storytelling easy.

From frozen tundra to arid deserts, through caves, across moorland to stormy coasts & seas, all the essential fantasy biomes are here!

The two books feature modular complimentary maps to allow them to align to create huge maps with many different combinations. Wipe clean and featuring a 1” grid throughout, these maps are durable, beautiful and customisable!

The handy book format allows the maps to be used individually for smaller encounters and tables. The books have 80 map pages, creating maps up to 2×2 foot, in a book that fits in your bag or on your shelf!