Flesh&Blood: Monarch Unlimited Booster


Trzeci dodatek gry karcianej w klimacie klasycznego fantasy

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Darkness, the canvas of the universe. Light, the brushstroke of creation. A forbidden power hungers to eclipse existence, wiping the canvas clean. The soul of Rathe stands resolute, a ray of hope to the artisans of civilization.

Monarch is a standalone booster set introducing four new heroes with all new mechanics, to play out the classic conflict of light vs shadow across sealed deck, booster draft, and constructed formats.

Flesh & Blood TCG: Monarch – Booster Pack pack contains 16 cards, being:

  • 1 token
  • 11 commons
  • 1 rare
  • 1 rare / super rare / majestic
  • 1 equipment
  • 1 premium foil (Rainbow Foil)

Monarch Set configuration:

  • 1 Fabled
  • 6 Legendary
  • 31 Majestic
  • 79 Rares
  • 13 Equipment
  • 159 Commons
  • 18 Tokens

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